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NC Agricultural Finance Authority

The North Carolina Agricultural Finance Authority (NCAFA) was established by the North Carolina General Assembly to provide credit throughout North Carolina. We originate, finance and service loans for persons operating family sized units for agricultural production and agricultural exports.

Farm Picture


  • Farm Real Estate

  • Starting a New Farm

  • Purchasing an Existing Farm

  • Development Costs

  • Environmental Improvements

  • Starting an Agribusiness

  • Capital Improvements

  • Restructuring a farming operation



  • Maximum Loan is established by Farm Service Agency

  • 95% Loan to Value

  • No Loan Origination Fee

  • One Time Application Fee

  • Low Closing Costs (Attorney Fees, Taxes, Insurance)

  • We pay Appraisal Fee



  • Issuance of Tax-Exempt - Ag Development Bonds



NC Agricultural Finance Authority
Address: 1101 Spring Forest Rd., Suite 150, Raleigh NC, 27615-5843
Phone:919-790-3949  FAX:919-790-3954

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