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Plant Industry Division

  • Plant Industry Division
    Seed Lab staff conduct purity tests on crops to determine percent crop seed, other crop seed, weed seed and inert.
  • Plant Industry Division
    Seed Lab staff conduct germination tests on crops to determine the percent viable seed.
  • Plant Industry Division
    Seed Lab staff prepare for germination tests by planting seed on rolled towels for future evaluation.
  • Plant Industry Division
    Seed samples received by lab staff are registered and tracked during the testing process.

The mission of the Plant Industry Division is to ensure seed and fertilizer and other soil additives offered for sale in North Carolina meet prescribed standards and are truthfully labeled, to protect the state's agriculture and natural environment from introduced plant pests, including insects, diseases, and noxious weeds, and to enhance and protect our state's endangered and threatened plants.

Plant Pest Quarantines

Click here to see if you work or reside in a plant pest quarantine area and to see county by county quarantine information regarding the regulated status of imported fire ant, witchweed and other noxious weeds, gypsy moth, emerald ash borer, and guava root knot nematode.

Pest Alerts

Click here to learn more about the emerging pests in North Carolina and surrounding states.

Plant Industry Field Services

Plant Protection Field Services Apiary Field Services
Seed & Fertilizer Field Services Forest Pest Outreach

NC Apiary Notifications

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services works to assist NC Beekeepers by providing advance notice of aerial pesticide applications. Beekeepers may register their apiary location to receive this information. Notification will take place when aerial applications occur using pesticides that carry a warning label with toxicity to bees. These notifications will occur when applications are within one mile of a registered apiary. If you would like to register your apiary, please complete the form found here.




Plant Indust Printable Brochure
Download the Plant Industry Division brochure highlighting the various programs and services offered by the Plant Industry Division.

NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division, Phil Wilson - Director
Mailing Address: 1060 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1060
Physical Address: 216 West Jones Street, Raleigh NC 27603
Phone:(919) 707-3730 | FAX: (919) 733-1041

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